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Monday’s were made for wearing one of my dads huge and comfy 90’s sweater. To make the look a little more feminine, but still have that tomboy-ish feel, I wore the sweater over a button-up dress! And can we talk about these boots?! Knee-high boots can easily make a casual look more glam and a little sexier!

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| my dads 90’s sweater | Comme Toi Boyfriend Button-Up Dress (similar) | Call It Spring Lothian Nubuck boots (on sale now!) | H&M bag |

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4 thoughts on “Oversized

  1. Such an amazing way to put together pieces that at first glance doesn’t seem to go together! A comfy sweater is always welcome and using it as a dress with a button-up shirt and those wonderful high boots? LOVELY!

    Ps: Your hair looks amazing.

    I also have a fashion blog you can check right here: http://thegeekchickblog.com/


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