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When it’s cold here in Louisiana, I feel like getting dressed becomes one of the hardest tasks. Even though living in Pennsylvania for a little while helped me learn to layer, you never get used to the cold in the south. It’s not snow suit weather here in LA, but layering is indeed a necessity (due to the always changing temperature here). For the layers I wore this thin sweater/dress, a scarf, and to warm my legs (and hide my pasty-ness) I wore some thick tights.

The essential piece to layering, and the piece that can make or break your outfit, is the jacket. This jacket is light enough to wear when it’s not freezing temperatures, but also perfect for days like today that need all the layers possible without looking like the Michelin Man.

I like this jacket because it has a cool, modern vibe to it. I love the contrasting lapel, and the cut at the bottom. I also really like the unexpected faux-leather sleeves because it adds that chic element but still staying classic looking.

Suprisingly, I don’t own just a nice and classic black coat, but I can tell this is going to be my go-to coat. I like how it’s not your typical black coat. There’s something so chic about it!

What I’m Wearing

| Sweater/Dress- BCBGeneration |

| Jacket- EliteFashion99* |

| Tights- Silkies sculpt shaping tights* |

| Bag- Michael Kors |

| Scarf- David & Young |

| Booties- Marc by Marc Jacobs (thrifted) |

all items with the * were sent to me

Thank you to EliteFashion99 for the fab coat! Visit their website at www.elitefashion99.co.uk

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