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Lately, when I look at the temperature for the day and it says 30 something degrees I think that when I’m going to step outside it’s magically going to be 80 degrees. Unfortunately that’s not the case (and shooting by the water doesn’t really help). I always think that winter is a joke in the south, but it’s not playing around this year. So here’s another layered up look. I didn’t want to sacrifice my skirts just for a little cold weather, so I bundled my top half. I love layering with moto jackets because they’re surprisingly warm without me screaming like Randy from A Christmas Story “I can’t put my arms down!”. I also added an incredibly warm faux-fur scarf which adds that chic element to this otherwise simple outfit.

What I’m Wearing

| Moto jacket- thrifted |

| turtleneck- Gap |

| Skirt- Savile Row Co. |

| Scarf- David & Young |

| Boots- Marc by Marc Jacobs |

| Bag- Michael Kors |

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