Vine Street Market Bag

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I’m here today speaking to all of the busy/ always on the go girls out there. Between running from working all day to taking pictures for the blog, I end up pretty much living out of my bag. It’s a struggle to have to carry a bunch of bags along with all my essentials, and it all ends up being too much.

That’s why when Vine Street Market Bags reached out to me and I looked through the selection of bags, I was so happy. I usually go for structured bags, but when I have a lot going on, I need all the room in my bag I can get. I picked the black Vegan Leather, Large Market Tote because I like how it has a modern/minimal feel but also kind of bohemian from the structure of the bag. I really liked the simplicity of the black tote but if you’re looking for something different, Vine Street Market Bags has tons of different options like the canvas totes which are perfect as a beach or gym bag. They also have a selection of vegan fur and vegan suede bags as well!


 With a tight schedule, I sometimes have to resort to editing and working on the blog while I’m out and about. Who doesn’t love a stylish way to tote around notebooks and laptops and still fit all of the essentials? I wouldn’t suggest throwing the coffee in the bag though..

If you would like a chance to win a tote from Vine Street Bags, there will be a giveaway held on my Instagram (@skirtsofurbanblog)!


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