IMG_8505_2I swear I didn’t plan to wear two white vests back to back…but they’re kinda awesome.

I’m the kind of person that wears my black leather jacket even in the summer just because it’s edgy and goes with everything. But this white moto vest is a great alternative 1. because I won’t die of a heat stroke and 2. it’s white which get’s me out of an all black outfit (there”s nothing wrong with that but sometimes I just want to switch it up).

I’ve had this vest probably two or three years and never wore it. It was always a little intimidating to me, but pairing it with a simple black dress (which is an oldie but a goodie as well) it┬ámakes the look more classic rather than super edgy.

| Forever 21 dress (similar) | Forever 21 white faux leather vest (similar) | Michael Antonio heels (similar) | Rebecca Minkoff “Love” Crossbody bag | Wholesale Celeb Shades sunglasses |

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