Top 5: Favorite Polette sunglasses + enter the giveaway


‘Elektra’ in Tortoise shell

tuxedob2‘Bliss’ in black/metal

sonrisa2‘Sonrisa Ecaille’ in Tortoise shell


‘Colibri Marbre’ in Gray

‘Oceano Trans’ in transparent

Of course I love my beloved ‘Doodle White’ sunnies from Polette,


but I thought I would show you some other styles I really love from the Polette site.

Picking out just one pair of sunglasses from Polette probably is the hardest decision to make. They have so many different fun and classic styles to choose from, everyone is destined to find a pair they absolutely love.

I love how Polette’s sunglasses are so well crafted and sleek, but won’t break the budget.

And if you like any of the choices of my favorites from above, or if there’s a pair on the Polette site I didn’t mention that you love, you have a chance to win them!

Here’s how easily you win a pair of Polette sunglasses:

1. Follow Polette on Instagram, Twitter, and like their Facebook page.

2. Comment down below which pair of frames you’d like to win from the Polette site.

So easy, why wouldn’t you enter?!

Good luck to everyone that enters, this contest ends this Friday!

*this post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own.

7 thoughts on “Top 5: Favorite Polette sunglasses + enter the giveaway

  1. I already follow polette on all three sites because I love their glasses! Truly is such a hard decision. Those elektras are fab. My current favorites are vogue, lazy Kat, and Stefano.s. xo

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