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How I Style my Short Hair: Updated

I’ve been letting my hair grow out a little, and I’ve been using some new products in my hair styling routine, so I thought I’d do a little updated hair styling routine post!

My first hair styling post is here


This is my natural, just washed, air-dried hair. My hair is thick and naturally dry, no matter what. But the products I’ve been using recently get me through and make my hair not so horse hair like.

I typically wash my hair every two days. I alternate between using the Macadamia Professional Rejuvenating Shampoo with the Fekkai Brilliant Glossing conditioner or I use the DermOrganic Daily Conditioning Shampoo and Masque Intensive Hair Repair Deep Conditoner. Also, once a week I use the Pantene Pro-V Purifying Shampoo to keep my hair residue free and keep it from getting weighed down.


ALWAYS before styling my hair with any kind of heat, I use a heat protector. I love this Not Your Mother’s Thermal Styling Spray because it gets the job done and it smells fantastic. Seriously, if they bottled this stuff and sold it as perfume, I’d drench myself in it.


I just bought this NuMe Megastar flat iron and I love it even more than my previous NuMe Silhouette straightener. I use the highest setting which is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. That sounds ridiculously hot, but I find it doesn’t fry my hair at all and actually makes it super soft and silky, and totally tames my frizz. It also heats up in about 30 seconds, so getting this flat iron has cut my styling time down from 30 minutes to about 5-10.

(I have a coupon code down below for 60% off any NuMe flat iron!)

_MG_3148 _MG_3161

With my “longer” short hair, I’ve been going for the middle part and rounding the ends when I straighten my hair for a polished “lob”(long bob) style.


This dream oil came with the straightener when I purchased it, and along with the straightener I feel like my hair has been super healthy looking and shiny, just within a week of using both products. I typically use this Argan oil both when my hair is wet and after straightening my hair, concentrating it on the ends of my hair.




I’ve used a flat iron to curl my hair for the longest time, and it’s the only tool my thick hair likes to be curled with.





After curling I like to run the straightener over my ends, so the curls aren’t so tight and give the curls more of an effortless “this is my natural hair” kind of look.






I then go in with my dry texture spray. I’ve been using this in replace of a hairspray, because it adds the perfect amount of undone-ness (yes, I just made that up, but hopefully you get what I mean) to my hair.


After spraying the dry texture spray, I scrunch my hair for the perfect tousled look.







I’ve been a HUGE fan of NuMe straightener’s since I got my first one 3 years ago. I recently had to say goodbye to my first one because it was on its last leg, but I’ve never had a straightener last more than a year, so that alone is one of the reasons I love the NuMe straighteners.


NuMe Megastar Straightener 

Use the code SKIRTSOFURBAN on the NuMe website to receive 60% off all flat irons!


Not Your Mother’s Dry Finish Texture Spray

Not Your Mother’s Beat The Heat Thermal Styling Spray

NuMe Argan Oil

*none of these products were sent to me, this post is not sponsored, and all opinions are my own.


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