Turn Back Time

_MG_4398 _MG_4411 _MG_4439 _MG_4455 _MG_4403 _MG_4423 _MG_4413 _MG_4415 PHOTOS BY MASON WARE

A denim dress is the perfect dress, in my opinion. It’s the perfect mix of casual and sophisticated.

Whenever I wear this dress, I think of a 70s housewife, but I kind of dig that. The shape of this dress is super flattering with the bow belt and the slit at the bottom, so it makes the dress more youthful while still having that 70s vibe.

I love this camel bucket bag from Ms. Little’s Bag paired with the look. A good quality, structured, nude bucket bag has been on my want list since spring, but none of the one’s I kept seeing did it for me. But this one hits the nail on the head- the size, color, and quality is everything. The nude color of the bag is the nude color I’m always looking for (I’m picky about my shades of nude, they’re not all the same). I like the little tassel accent on the bag as well, because it’s unexpected and gives character to the bag.


*Thanks to Ms. Little’s Bag for sending me this bag! All opinions are my own.

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