Faded Metallic



For some girls, New Years Eve outfits with all the sequins and jewels comes naturally. Not for me. But I wanted to be somewhat festive. The metallic threading of this dress has a subtle shine, but doesn’t blind you. And the color is totally unique. Once I added the choker to this look, I decided to go more old school glam with the look, by adding this vintage coat I thrifted last winter.

I’m also the person all about comfort, and although this dress looks like you’re wearing chain armor, it’s actually super soft and comfortable like a cotton shift dress. No one wants to be in an uncomfortable dress for hours, let’s be honest.

Dress- MINKPINK (currently on sale!) | Jacket- vintage | Heels- Boohoo (similar) | Bag- Rebecca Minkoff | Choker-vintage | Eyewear- thrifted 

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