E-Polette + Giveaway (closed)

Most of our days are spent behind a bright screen. And for someone like me that does a lot of work behind a screen, it can get to you. We all know the dreaded tech migraine.

Polette just released E-Polette, which is a collection of non-prescription, fashion eyewear that has tinted, polarized lenses that filter 40% of artificial light and blue rays that come from screens. It reprocesses the artificial light into natural light for eye comfort while working long hours behind a screen!


Photos by Mason Ware

Featured style: E-Ferguson

I honestly haven’t taken these glasses off since I’ve received them. Not only are they the perfect way to do the “geeky chic” trend, but they really are protecting your eyes.

I’m a contact lens wearer and working on a computer, being on my phone, and watching movies, I catch myself squinting a lot. Since I started wearing the E-Polette glasses, I’ve noticed a decrease in my squinting. I’ve also noticed I don’t have to concentrate so hard on the screen. Which I like because it causes less eye strain.

Definitely give this awesome new technology a go, even if you’re just wanting a stylish pair of frames! There’s a ton of great frame styles to choose from to fit your style!


The Polette team was nice enough to want me to host another giveaway with them for my amazing & faithful readers!

All you have to do for a chance to win ANY pair of Polette glasses of your choice (for fashion or corrective) is as follows:

1| Leave a comment linked with your favorite Polette glasses. Also, be sure to leave your email address to reach you if you’re the winner.

2| Follow Polette on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As well as mine: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

The contest will last 10 days. Good luck everyone!

*this post is in partnership with Polette, but all opinions are my own and honest.

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