Vintage Pleat



We all get into the “what do I wear now” phase of winter. I wanted to get out of the monotonous “I guess I’ll wear my favorite sweater for the third time this week” routine when getting dressed.

I first bought this wool, pleated dress to go with this vintage floral top for a cool vintage look. But once I had the dress, so much inspiration starting flooding, because there’s so many different ways you can go with this dress. Edgy with a moto jacket and cool tee, classic with a white button down, or the vintage school girl route.

The shape of the dress is so delicate, but the thick wool makes it sturdy for the winter.

A good mix up from the everyday jeans and sweater.

Dress- J.O.A | Top- Forever 21 | Coat- Forever 21 (similar)| Bag- Michael Kors | Boots- Marc by Marc Jacobs


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