_MG_7288_MG_7292_MG_7314_MG_7331_MG_7311_MG_7348_MG_7352_MG_7301PHOTOS BY MASON WARE

While Mason and I were shooting this look, he said it reminded him of “old” Skirts of Urban. Which I think is kind of cool, considering I’ve had this blog for almost 2 years and I can still retain the same image, but elevate it in a way.

This look is just a bunch of elements I love in one outfit; layers, leather, and a cool boot. I love how I can add new pieces and the same outfit can be carried with me through the years.

I also had to share my new Schutz boots I thrifted for $37! Did I really need another black boot? No, but I couldn’t pass them up, and they can be more of a summer boot instead of just a winter one!

Top- Ralph Lauren (similar) | Dress- Helmut Lang | Pants- H&M (similar)| Boots- Schutz (similar) | Jacket- Mango

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