How I Stay Inspired + Motivated to Blog

The longer I blog, the more I want to be closer to my readers and become more transparent.

This month marks 2 years of blogging. Which is crazy, because it feels like yesterday I started this site. I’ve taken my blog seriously from the start, and I want nothing but the best to come from it. Whether it inspires others, or just helps me grow as an individual.

The hard reality that I have to face daily is that blogging is not easy. But that doesn’t mean to give up. I’m extremely lucky and grateful for every opportunity, but sometimes stress and pressure can tag along.

I’ll admit, I get discouraged sometimes. I feel I have a load on my shoulders. It’s not pressure from anyone but myself. I’m my own worst critic and definitely push myself very hard. But by pushing myself to strive, I’m making myself stronger.

I go through the constant cycle of questions of “What am I doing with this whole blogging thing?” or “Am I wasting my time?”. But there’s something in me that believes so much in this blog. I know this because even when I’ve had a rough day, all I want to do is write a post or write down a list of blog post ideas that I have constantly going through my head.

I might not be exactly where I want to be in my “career”, but I’m learning patience, which is a lot for me.

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I stay inspired by bloggers I follow. They inspire me because I started realizing they didn’t get success over night. They’ve been blogging for years, and they stuck with it, and look where they are now. It takes time, money, and a whole lot of self discipline.

It might help that I just love to talk about clothes and fashion and could spend hours on Instagram and Pinterest getting outfit inspo. But that’s what inspiration is all about.

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My Tips

  1. Your passion– find something you could talk about for hours and stick with that. People will know when you’re genuinely passionate behind a post, and if it’s authentic. Don’t write about the latest, most popular thing, if it doesn’t interest you.
  2.  Appreciate the little things– you took a step and started a blog, that’s huge and takes courage. My biggest appreciation moment is when locals from my town introduce themselves and say how much they like my blog. It means to me, I’m reaching people and affecting them in a positive way, with my words and creativity. It gives motivation to them to step out and do something different from the norm.
  3. Embrace the waiting– This might be the hardest thing for me. I’ve very persistent and when I want something, I want it that second. Blogging has been a huge personal growth for me to just embrace the now and the opportunities that come with each day, and not to look too much into the future.
  4. Relax, don’t give up– There’s been so many days that I say I don’t want to do this anymore. But then I think, “what if my next huge opportunity is right around the corner? And if I give up today, I’ll be cutting myself short of something beyond my dreams”. Thinking like that gets me to the point to where I become emotionally invested and I can’t get myself to stop. I’ll never stop striving.
  5. Connecting– Building others up and making connections is a very important thing too. I’ve connected with other bloggers via Instagram, and we usually comment back and fourth on each others pictures. Just getting a nice, genuine comment can sometimes change my whole day. And I like connecting with people that have different styles, because it shows others peoples creativity and you gather inspiration from different views.

Staying motivated to keep blogging isn’t always easy. You’re coming to blank page hoping someone will like what you’re producing. But at the end of the day, it truly matters if you enjoy what you’re putting out. Keep your chin up.

Create to Inspire.
♥ Laura


12 thoughts on “How I Stay Inspired + Motivated to Blog”

  1. The part when you start questioning yourself whether to stop blogging , I was just thinking about that, and I told myself this is something you are passionate about! I really loved this post and it def gave me a boost😄❤️

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