My Tips for Shopping

When it comes down to it, shopping is all about strategy. For me, I try to think reasonably with what clothing I’m buying with my money. There’s nothing I dislike more than when I only wear a piece once and my closet is left busting at the seams of clothes I don’t wear. Here’s the process I go through before picking up any new clothes, shoes, or bags.

  1. I ask myself “How many different ways can I wear this piece?”-If i can’t think of more than 3 ways to style a piece differently, I pass on it. To me, it means the piece isn’t versatile enough.
  2. The “Get Rid to Get”method. If I know something is on its way I make sure for every new piece I buy, I sell a piece. This can be very hard for some people. I know for myself I can get very attached to some clothing pieces. But if summer is coming to an end and I still haven’t worn that trendy crop top, the case is I’ll probably never wear it again (even though I’ve convinced myself 10 times that I might need it in the future).
  3. “How long will this piece be in my closet for?”– If I know something’s a trend and won’t last into the next season or the next year, I’ll pass. I don’t want to be stuck with super trendy pieces that I’ll never wear again. If I really love the trend, I’ll buy a super simple version of that trend. For example, this year velvet is going to be a trend you’ll be seeing a lot in the colder months. Will it be around next year? Hard to tell. I personally think the trend is fun so I definitely want to try it. I’ll be looking for neutral colored velvet pieces in simple shapes, like a blazer or a button-front mini skirt.
  4. No, I don’t need another white t-shirt. I’m a total sucker for basics. Anytime I see any form of a plain white or black tee or blouse I feel this uncontrollable need to give the item a home with my 10 other identical pieces. I always make up the excuse “I can never have too many basics”, but then I realize I have a problem when I open my closet and the white v-neck section takes over more than half of my closet…this is a judgement free zone. If you wear a plain tee everyday and that’s your uniform, go for stocking up on those, but make sure every tee varies in some way to add some kind of versatility.

Not only has going through these processes helped me de-clutter my closet but also has helped me get more cost per wear out of clothes. It makes me feel less wasteful and like I’m using my clothes efficiently.

Here’s some other tips for buying clothes specifically online to ensure that the clothes you buy will fit good and be worth your money.

  1. Compare your sizing to that of the models. Models on websites are typically small and tall. I’m 5’7″ so I take in consideration the height of the model compared to mine and kind of picture that length on myself. There’s nothing worse than thinking a dress will be knee length and it ends up being way too short. You can also measure you’re self from the measurements given, but I find they’re not always spot on.
  2. Check the reviews. I love reading the reviews of pieces because you’re getting real feedback from real people with different body types. This way you can, again, compare sizes to determine what size of the garment will work best for your body.
  3. Check the fabric content. I try to steer clear of items that are dry clean only, I know I probably won’t take something to the cleaners if it’s just an everyday kind of shirt. Nicer pieces and pieces I’ll wear often are a different exception. Or like with items that are 100% cotton, I usually will size up because of the potential of shrinking. I always like to see what the item is made out of, because I can’t physically touch it I want to get an idea of how the item will feel and lay against my body.

Hope this post will help any future purchases!

Happy shopping!


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