New Year, New Me?

I know that this post is a little late, but I wasn’t initially going to make a New Years post. But I wanted to talk about resolutions…

Obviously when one year ends and another one starts, everyone starts their resolutions. Everyone at works starts bringing salads for lunch, the gyms become insanely full, and everyone is so positive and motivated. None of those are bad things, I love seeing people be motivated to do things, but I think where resolutions aren’t a good thing is everyone’s obsession with the need to “change”.

I don’t feel a need to change. Instead, I’d rather improve. I feel people are reluctant to start New Year’s resolutions or stick with them because they have to “change” so much. But, what if we just improved and didn’t change anything about ourselves. Like adding new skills or new experiences you may have never thought to push yourself to do. Now, some people change by dropping a bad habit or getting serious about their health, but that’s still should just be considered renewing yourself.

Making improvements doesn’t always only have to affect just you either. I’m looking to do things this year that not only better me but affect people around me.

Here’s a few of the things I want to improve on this year:

1| Not worrying too much about the future.

Obviously there’s things you have to do to protect yourself in the future. Like saving money for your future, or making smarter decisions, but what I’m talking about is not letting things that haven’t even happened yet worry me or stress me out. What’s the point? I have no idea how the future will play out, or what might come along in my journey. So, I kind of just want to tell myself just live your life day-to-day as smart as I can but as stress-free as I can too.

2| Doing more for others.

I started out this year by meeting an amazing stranger. Something told me to help this woman that I had no ties with. I knew a little bit of her background, but not her whole story. I had the opportunity to help this woman and her family out by showing her random kindness. I didn’t help her to make myself feel good. I did it because this woman deserved someone to tell her that she was special and that everything was going to work out. Recently too, I’ve really taken on that I don’t know everyone’s story or what they’re going through and just to have compassion for people I don’t know. Whether it be a random person on the street, the barista at Starbucks, just anyone. I want to maybe be that person that maybe can make someone smile just once for that day.

3| Trust.

I don’t talk about my faith a whole lot on my blog, but I definitely want to more. My faith is what has gotten me through my whole life and to where I am today. But, trusting God can be one of the hardest things. I’m a planner, so having my future untold stresses me to the max. But lately, I’ve gone through a lot of struggles that I didn’t think had an end or that I could get out of. And out of no where everything turned around, and I just had to sit there in awe of how God can do things. I would sit and cry everyday for weeks stressing over things, and God was at work the whole time. I feel shameful that I didn’t think God could pull me out of the things that I was going through. But going through all of these things is where my faith and thankfulness really grew and my spirit was able to mature.


My BIGGEST struggle. I have to deal with this on a daily basis. Whether it be waiting on someone to meet me somewhere and they’re 5 minutes late or waiting for my food to be done in the microwave. I’ve really been working on my patience. It is work because I’ve been impatient since the day I was born. But each day as I get older (and I hope a little wiser), I have to not only think of myself in situations and learn that I don’t have control over every thing in my life, and that’s okay!

5| Being Content

My second struggle I deal with is being content. This has a lot to do with my blog right now. I love my blog and being able to do what I do with it. But there’s moments I have where I don’t understand why I’m not at a certain point where I think I should be. Obviously to grow and get farther you have to be willing to push yourself and pursue after goals. But there’s also a point where I have to be content and grateful that I’ve been able to come as far as I have been.

Being content is also about things. Things can consume your life if you let it.

I hope you enjoyed this post and were able to maybe gain something from it. Obviously we all deal with different things, but hopefully some of you can relate and maybe make some of the same improvements I’m going to try to pursue this year. Fingers crossed 2017 is a great year!

-Laura ♥

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