Sunglasses Collection 2017


I don’t plan on keeping my sunglasses like this forever, but for now keeping my sunglasses in this chest fits. I can see them all and I have them organized by style. Now let’s get into the collection! If you have any storage tips, let me know!¬†

Now let’s get into the collection!


What you should know about my sunglasses collection is that I don’t spend a ton of money on sunglasses. I like changing up and trying different styles, so I don’t want to invest in a pair that might not be “in” in 2 or so years…or that I might sit on and break.

I’ve been growing this collection for a couple of years now. This may be a lot to some people or a small collection for some, I honestly thought I had a lot more than 29 pairs. Sunglasses for me are that accessory that completes any outfit so I love incorporating fun pairs as well as classic.



Square sunglasses aren’t usually what I gravitate towards because I feel my face is a little too small for oversized sunglasses. These square shapes are a little smaller and have a slight round-ness to them, so I feel they fit my face better than super square shades.

From top to bottom:
Perverse Eyewear
Wear Me Pro
Old Navy
Perverse Eyewear
Cotton On




Cat eye is another shape I haven’t really been totally on board with but I’m definitely liking more. Again, I feel like they can sometimes be overwhelming for my small face, but the one’s I do have are perfect for a statement.

Top: Earthbound
Left: Earthbound, Polette, and Wear Me Pro
Right: Earthbound, Quay, and Perverse 



As you can probably tell round-sunglasses are my fit. They’re more understated and casual but are still cool.

Top: Perverse
Left: Forever 21, Forever 21, Polette, Old Navy, Nordstrom, Polette, thrifted, Polette
Right: Steve Madden, Wear Me Pro, Nordstrom, Earthbound, Earthbound, Polette, Asos




Buildingwork for the future
If you’ve been around for the past 3 years you know these Cotton On sunglasses used to be my go-to sunglasses. They still are my favorite pair because they’re so classic and fit my face so well. My newest pair from Perverse definitely are more trendier but still classic, and the pop of red is super fun to add to a simple outfit.

Buildingwork for the future(1)
I thrifted these sunglasses about a year or 2 ago and they really go with everything. Something classic, casual, or edgy and they’re the perfect accessory.

Buildingwork for the future(6)
Not that I don’t like these sunglasses, they’re just more of an editorial pair and not really useful for every day. Love these for vacation!

Buildingwork for the future(2)
In my opinion these are my biggest statement pair. It’s not every day you see giraffe cat-eye sunglasses.
Buildingwork for the future(3)

These shades are the perfect everyday pair because they go with everything and add that effortless “cool girl” vibe.

Buildingwork for the future(4)

I’m not big on spending a lot on sunglasses, I’m clumsy and cheap. But I felt like these were the must-have sunglasses a couple of years ago. They were about $60.

Buildingwork for the future(5)fullsizeoutput_60ef.jpeg
I scored these Coach sunglasses from an outlet for under $50. I keep them in my car as my driving glasses, they make me feel fancy and I love the style…timeless and chic!

Buildingwork for the future(7)

These are definitely a trendy pair of sunglasses that won’t be in style forever, but they’re fun to add that vintage Hollywood feel to a look.

Buildingwork for the future(8)
All though I don’t wear them as much as I used too, I’ll never get rid of these sunglasses because these were the first gift Mason ever got me.


Hope you enjoyed my collection! I’m for sure going to keep adding and growing my collection and can’t wait to see where it’s at in year or so.

How many pairs of sunglasses do you own?


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