Transitional Pieces: For Warm Climates

Fall is my favorite season, but if you live in the south or somewhere where it stays hot it’s hard to wear cute sweaters when it’s 80 degrees out. Below are my tips on how to do the transitional looks!

Summer isn’t over but if you want to start wearing fall pieces, here are my favorite picks ↓

Light Layering

A sleeveless vest is a great transitional pieces. I especially love it in this yellow color. It allows the start of fall colors into your wardrobe without being too heavy. 
15022708739448726923Drape Vest $20

Tip: Layer with denim because denim is lighter than knits and not as bulky. And it still gives a “effortless” summer vibe but still easing into the fall season.

15027620708832403095Longline Denim Coat $23

Tip: Bomber jackets are great transitional jackets because when it’s chilly in the mornings you can wear with a tee and jeans, then later in the day when it’s warmer tie it around your waist as an accessory.

14718282925409430332Zip Jacket $29


Light Long-Sleeves

I love long-sleeve that are breathable, especially during this time. Having the exposed shoulder mixed with the long-sleeve is perfect for the changing weather.

14948451895928531190Off-the-Shoulder Top $14

14738509603096563923Flounce Trim Top $13

2-in-1 pieces

If you live in a warmer climate, you’ll understand why these kind of pieces are a must. 2-in-1 pieces are perfect paired with denim and you can always add and subtract layers.

150146467466758659112-in-1 Sweater $28

Versatile Pants

I love pairing these types of pants with a thin sweater and good sandal heel to work this cool mornings and hot afternoons.14979205721501701553Vertical Striped Split Side Pants $16

Accessories for transitional weather

Here’s some accessories I’ll be stocking up on to help me ease into the fall!

Footwear Layering15030190636074603227Socks $5

Tip: I plan on stocking up on these kind of socks, so I can layer them under my open-toed heels, to give them a layered more “cold” weather feel.

Pop of Color
14973192111449113908Chevron Bag $9

Tip: Add a bag that pops with colors to break up the dark color scheme that comes with fall clothing.

Opt for a headband instead of a hat15006007924490903137Print Headband $5

Tip: Add a fun headband to a monochromatic outfit and a headband won’t be as heavy as a hat.

Lace-Up Belt
15042297821281643865Lace-up Belt $8

Tip: Add this type of belt to an over-sized top to create a layering affect and creating more shape.


 *post in collaboration with Sheinside*

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