I honestly don’t think I’ve ever worn this much color ever in my life. I’m probably breaking some sort of “fashion rules” with this look but I wanted to try some experimenting. 

I’ve been dying to find the perfect striped sweater since last fall. I love this Free People one because it’s not the bright rainbow one you usually see and it’s lightweight. I like that the colors are more muted, so it’s not too over the top for fall.

I paired the sweater with these awesome mustard yellow pants that I’ll be wearing all season. They were only $16 and they fit in all the right places. I got them in 2 colors!

Fishnets: definitely not me, but make me feel cool. I would never do full fishnet tights, that’s just not my style, but I think adding them underneath a classic heel adds a little bit of edge.

FREE PEOPLE sweater | FOREVER 21 pants | A NEW DAY heels | FOREVER 21 socks | BAG (Marshall’s) | HRH COLLECTION Sunglasses chain 

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