Green Touch


It’s officially fall when I pull out my olive green jackets. I probably have more than I should (5 to be exact), but they’re all different and add a different style.

A few of mine are more casual and “edgy” while this one from Tobi is more trendy and sleek, with the way it hits on my body, and the buckles.


This top was a favorite of mine through the summer and I just couldn’t put it away for the year yet. I incorporated the faux-leather pants with the OTN boots for warmth and the jacket to add layers and autumnal feel.


I added the bright red sunnies to make the look stand out more and not be so blended together.


I love this jacket for everday, casual wear, but I think it’d also look cool paired with a fitted little black dress for night time.

TOBI jacket | JOA top | H&M pants  (similar)| PERVERSE sunglasses

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