I live for a good statement top. My first choice of outfit is a blouse and jeans, but I don’t want the look to be basic. This Alpha & Omega top really is a mullet top, but in a super chic way.  I’ve never seen a top like this and it’s definitely eye-catching, but it’s not too over the top because it’s a soft peachy nude shade.


I paired my frayed, almost flared, jeans to balance the look. I feel like just doing a regular skinny jean with the outfit would end up being too top heavy. The frayed added movement and volume to the bottom half so your eyes follow the whole look rather than just being focused on the top. fullsizeoutput_6983fullsizeoutput_6980fullsizeoutput_6989fullsizeoutput_6990fullsizeoutput_6998fullsizeoutput_6994fullsizeoutput_69a6fullsizeoutput_69a5fullsizeoutput_699cfullsizeoutput_69aafullsizeoutput_69abfullsizeoutput_69b1

The black booties add that sleek and edgy part to the flouncy look. Although this top is definitely a show stopper, because it’s just in the back and it’s a neutral color, the metallic bag adds a pop color with out actually being an in your face color.

ALPHA AND OMEGA top | FOREVER 21 denim (similar)| H&M sleeveless turtleneck (similar)| BCBGENERATION boots (similar) | LIONEL handbag

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