Laura Loves v.3


ADORN HAIR OIL + PERFUME (Rose Quartz scent) $18

Perfume + Hair Oil: Fragrances are not an area I spend a lot of money on. I like subtle scents and just like a mist of body spray, unless I’m doing special then I’ll use actual perfume. I’m a sucker for multi-use products/products that are great for on the go or travel. I came across this product and thought it’d be perfect to try for summer, so I had Mason buy it for me for my birthday. The scent is so light, floral, and fresh without being artificial. I love that it doubles as a hair oil because rather than drying out my hair like sprays that have alcohol in them, it’s nourishing my strands as well as making it smell like I just got out of a bath full of roses. A must for the summer!

Tanner: I’m pretty low maintenance with my beauty routine, so that means I definitely  don’t self tan. 1) because I’m lazy and 2) I suck at applying it. I’ve never been super pale, but in the summer time I do like to be a little tanner and have a glow. I went through numerous bottles of the original Jergen’s gradual tan throughout high school, and yes, I was orange and I loved it. But that’s not my vibe anymore. This in-shower version doesn’t leave me orange, super easy to apply, and not messy! Jergen’s came up with some magical science behind this product that once you’re done with your shower you just put this stuff onto your wet skin and rub in for a subtle bit of color.


Foundation: I honestly have the hardest time finding foundation that works for my skin. I love the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation for my full coverage, but some days I don’t want a heavy full coverage foundation. I have officially found my new fave! I randomly came across this Physician’s Formula foundation one day at Ulta. It said it gave a brightening complex and the name “healthy” kind of had me scared for my oily skin because all I could think it grease city. I read some reviews about people with oily skin wearing it and loving it, so I gave it a shot. This is honestly the perfect everyday, natural, radiant, light weight foundation with amazzzzing buildable coverage. I love the buildable factor of it because I can go light when I’m having a good skin day, or layer it when my skin is goin through hell, but it never looks cakey!

Fit-me concealer: This is no new product, but it’s a rediscovery for me! I loved this concealer when it first came out, but over the years trying different concealers I forgot about it. This concealer is honestly going to be a staple in my makeup collection from now on. It does an excellent job at covering blemishes as well as dark circles without looking dry or cakey. It’s just the best multi-use and everyday kind of product.




Another b-day present from my cute husband! This is my perfect palette for the summer. I can make an intense smokey eye or just do one of the orange/bronze shades all over the lid for a simple but fun pop of color. Also another great product for traveling.

QUESTION: If I possibly made a makeup tutorial video, would that be something you guys would be interested in? Let me know!



All the thick haired girls out there need to try these!! Even if you don’t have thick hair these will probably work for you too. But, if you have thick hair, you know the struggle of getting your ponytail just right and then your hair band pops because it’s too thick. I’m also having to always tighten my ponytail or redo my bun because my hair bands can’t hold my hair up…the struggle. These were another random stumble upon I had seen in Ulta and I had heard people talk about them before. These are the only hair bands I’ll ever use again! As you can probably tell in the picture above, the left band is one I’ve been using everyday and the right is an unused one. I was skeptical about these 1) not causing creases in my hair and 2) not breaking. But, they do shrink back down to size once you take them out and they will literally hold my hair up all day long and even in a bun! Below is showing how I wore my hair in a bun with the coil band almost all afternoon, my hair was straightened before. You can see there’s only a little kink in my hair, but if I would’ve taken my hair down out of a bun with a regular band, my hair would’ve been all kinds of bent, crinkled, and knotted. Another plus is that don’t rip my hair out!




Kate Spade ‘One in a Million’ Necklace $58

Okay, last birthday present I’m going to mention, I promise. It’s such a sweet and dainty necklace that I’ve been wearing everyday since I got it. Perfect for layering too!



Go to your local grocery store and find these right now, you need them in your life. Even if you’re not gluten free, this brand has a non-gluten free kind. But, I can only speak for this kind and let me tell you…the addiction is real. I’m a chocolate lover and I always have to have some kind of dessert. These hit the spot and are so rich and delicious. It’s basically like the crispy edge of a brownie mixed with a flat cookie made from heaven. Trust me, you need to try these but I am warning you…you might eat the whole bag in one sitting.

Thanks for reading!

Bye July, hello August!

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