If you follow me on Instagram, I posted the same thing and I thought I should do a quick post on here as well:

I’ve been thinking a lot about success lately. Here’s a little tid bit: I’m 20 years old, I work a full-time job, run my blog, and surprise…I’m not in college. I took a few online classes, but the more I did it, I found out it just wasn’t for me. There’s people that couldn’t even imagine not going to college, and that’s alright, that’s what they’re meant to do and where I’m at in my life is what I’m meant to be doing. I’ve heard numerous times “but how will you be successful without a college degree?”.

Well, we’re probably measuring success differently. I give praise to the people that are in college or have graduated from college, because that’s hard work and you did something you wanted to do! But when people don’t follow the same path, it’s not always bad. I don’t measure my success by my job, my clothes, or my bank account. I feel successful getting out of bed, putting a smile on my face, and living my life the way God intended me to. I have no idea what my future holds, but I have a fiancĂ© and family that loves me, and I have a job I love. It’s not the most glamorous job I could have, but it provides for me, and it makes me happy. I’m not “popular” and I don’t have this extravagant life, but I have air in my lungs and people that love me, and love my dumb little quirks. And most of all, I’m proud of myself with everything that I’ve accomplished, and I feel pretty darn successful without all of the normal things that define success. Find what makes you feel successful, and chase after it. Happy Women’s Day to all of you successful women!