Tropical & Floral- My Wedding Shower

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Dress // Lush Clothing

Mason and I are very simple people and our shower turned out so amazing and fit our style perfectly. I decided I wanted Mason by my side at the shower, and to not just have a “bridal shower”. Our wedding is his special day too and I wanted to be able to celebrate our shower together.



Our friends and family put so much thought into our shower and it meant so much to us! Everything was so personal to us with our favorites; like the baby’s breath, pineapples, and the white and gold accents.



Having our shower made me even more excited to marry Mason! We have everything that we were showered with set up in the apartment (that I can’t wait to move into and show you!). I feel like I can’t say thank you enough to the people around us that love and support us for putting together this beautiful shower.

Only 12 weeks to go until Mason and I say ‘I Do’!



Photos by Mason Ware

Feeling totally Parisian in this look. The perfect outfit formula is a great fitting pair of jeans, graphic tee, leather moto jacket, and heels. Also, my new haircut is fitting for the effortless look.

Shirt- Etre Cecile (via TheRealReal) | Jeans- 7 For All Mankind | Heels- Guess (old)

The Simple Life

Photos by Mason Ware

Top- Forever 21 | Jeans- Level99 | Shoes- Dolce Vita

As I said in a previous post (this one here), I’ve been loving simplicity. Whether it be from my wardrobe, relationship, diet, or lifestyle. I feel like the word “simple” isn’t always used in the best way, sometimes it gets the reputation of being boring. I like doing things simple, because it’s no fuss. It also means to me to not put too much thought into things, and just kind of live in the moment.

  1. Wardrobe

With my wardrobe, I’ve been learning to love the things I own, and not obsess over the newest things coming out. Utilizing and cherishing the things around me. That doesn’t mean I’m not shopping and buying new things. I just put more thought into my purchases, such as, “do I really need this white v-neck when I already own 5?”, or “do I only want this because it’s on trend?”. That kind of thought process.
I’ve also started this into my skincare and makeup routine, by simplifying them and using less than 10 products.

2. Relationship

With my boyfriend, there’s nothing I love more than just sitting and talking. It doesn’t have to be anything special, just the two of us, just simple. Or when we’re just sitting and he looks at me and says he loves me, for no reason at all, or when he brings me one of my favorite treats, just because. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s something simple that means so much.

3. Diet

As far as my diet, for about a month I’ve been eating vegan (alongside being gluten free for 3 years now) and cleaning up my diet overall. Of course I allow to have my cheat days, but I’ve noticed a huge difference when I eat balanced and foods with simple ingredients. And lately I’ve been really into juices, I’ve been obsessed with one’s from a local indoor cycling place in my town. I’ve been loving them because it’s a great way to get in all of the good stuff that I need to give me energy. Since changing my diet, it’s crazy how good I feel and how much energy I have.

4. Lifestyle

For my every day life, I’ve been learning to love being by myself, and taking time for myself. I’ve always kind of been a homebody, but that time I do have alone, I take that time just for me. Lately I’ve been turning my phone on airplane mode for an hour a day, and doing sort of pamper routines, reading, or listening to music without working or being on social media. I’ll be honest, it’s kind of hard to do. But sometimes we as humans get our heads wrapped up into everything going on around us in other people’s lives, and forget about the things right in front of us, and forget to reflect on our own lives. It’s good to unplug for even just 1 hour and clear your head.

I hope you guys liked this kind of different post on the thoughts I’ve been having lately!

Thanks for reading!


Photos by Mason Ware

I love when a dress has a personality. While shooting this dress, it kind of had a mind of its own, and I just went with it.

I love the super flowiness of the dress and the double slit action! I also love the robe feel of the dress. Getting dressed is fun and easy when you feel like you’re wearing your pajamas, am I right?

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Maxi- Boohoo | Heels- Asos | Bag- Ms. Little’s Bag | Eyewear- Old Navy | Watch- Casio


Photos by Mason Ware

Happy Friday! Usually on Friday’s I’m ready for the weekend and I keep it pretty casual. But I just bought this new suede, snake print skirt and had to take it out for a spin. I wanted to do a dressy look with this skirt, but I also want to try a casual look with it including a graphic tee, leather jacket, and my slip-on vans.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Top- Asos | Skirt- Level99 | Heels- Asos | Bag- Rebecca Minkoff | Under shirt- Free People

Nothing Fancy

Photos by Mason Ware

Casually heading into the weekend. This outfit formula makes for the perfect, no-fail outfit, whether it be I’m running late in the morning, or just want to keep sleek and simple.

Have a great weekend guys!

Blouse- GAP (similar here & here) | Jeans- Madewell | Heels- Michael Antonio (similar here & here) | Bag- Michael Kors | Puff- Michael Kors