Overview of 2017 + 2018 Goals

2017 is soon coming to a close and this year has been all over the place. Good, bad, and everything in between.

This year I got engaged and married to my best friend,

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we adopted our furry daughter Katniss,

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new jobs came along and God has amazed us everyday this year with everything we have been blessed with in 2017. Not only with opportunities and “things” but with love and health.

Even though I can’t deny that this year has been full of blessings, some came as a surprise and some I have been waiting for to happen. I truly have grown and looking back to this time last year, I thought the world was against me. The few last months of 2017 I’m moving on from things that were hard to do and starting new things that can be scary and exciting all at the same time. The early 20s are such a funny age, you seem too “old” to be careless but you’re not ready to become an “adult”. I know I can’t say much only being 21 years old, but this time in a young person’s life just kind of feels like we’re floating around and things don’t quiet make sense, but it eventually comes full circle.

In 2017 I’ve learned to:

– Love more; judge less
-Regret less; embrace failure
-Work hard; breath when needed
-Enjoy myself more; not compare (working on this)
-Keep my mind and body healthy, but that it’s also okay to have some fries
-Think like an adult; have the heart of a kid

What have you learned this year?

2018 Goals

Okay, I’m one of those people that don’t believe in New Years resolutions because quite frankly, I have a hard time sticking to things. I say I’m going to cut out Coke Zero and then I find myself ordering one at a restaurant or to take a breath before saying something I regret but then find myself saying sorry to Mason for blowing up on him. It happens, I’m human. A hormonal human.

But, there are things that I think of I would like to happen this year and kind of pre-meditate if the opportunity comes along how I’ll approach the situation.

In 2018, I would love to collaborate with a brand, like maybe a sunglasses brand or help design/collaborate on a t-shirt design. It seems far-fetched for someone like me that still has such a small voice in the fashion world, but it’s something that I’ve been dreaming of doing. You guys know sunglasses are my go-to accessory, so that would be something awesome to see other people wearing and styling in different ways than I would. And as for the t-shirt idea…your fashion choices are a reflection of yourself. I’ve always found that when I wear a graphic tee that says something on it, people will point it out. I’ve thought of sayings I would love to see on a t-shirt that wouldn’t be just a fashion statement and more of encouragement and another way to give off positivity.

Also in this coming year, I want to be more mindful. It’s waaay easier said than done to say “I’m not going to worry about it”, especially someone like me that struggles with anxiety, for even the smallest of things. But, those things that consume me don’t define me and will soon be gone and over with. Breath. Another way I’m looking to be more mindful is to take care of myself more in 2018, I’ve kind of already started this in 2017 already. You’ve probably seen that I haven’t been posting every week. I feel like I’ll be harder on myself if I post something I’m not 100% in love with. I’ve learned to step back and just regroup and create content that means something to me. So, if that means taking a week off to plan, and create content that you and I both enjoy, then that’s what I’m going to do.

Even though I love social media and my platforms is where I feel I have a voice, there’s times you have to face reality and not rely on what’s going on behind the screen for happiness. That has been a BIG thing for me to try to overcome in 2017 and something I’ll always work on. Maybe if it’s not scrolling through Instagram and just sitting with my family with no distractions.

Loving and living is my outlook for 2018. I honestly don’t even know what the future may even hold for this coming year, and that’s okay. It’s okay to not have control over everything and to just live.


Make 2018 everything you want it to be,

Happy New Year!

♥ Laura ♥