Pop of Purple + Getting Personal

I love sharing. Sharing my outfits and my obsessions with you guys is what I love doing.

This post was just going to be a simple post talking about this look, but when I sat down to write about the clothes, it didn’t seem authentic and there was something more serious I needed to voice.


What a week. A week that went too fast and too slow at the same time. There’s something I wanted to share with you all that I don’t talk about. This is as out of place for me as posting on a Saturday. But here I am, doing both.

I’m not sure how many of you follow me on Instagram, but if you do, you may have noticed that I haven’t posted on there in almost a week, which I haven’t done in years! It’s been that kind of week. I don’t talk a whole lot on my personal life, because honestly I don’t think my life is all that interesting, I’m a real life couch potato. I love fashion and I love that it’s my thing that can set me apart from everyone else and it’s an outlet for creativity. But I feel like I can end up hiding behind my blog. Sometimes it can be all about the clothes and I forget to take care of the person that’s underneath them. Me, Laura. I deal heavily with anxiety and a lot of people don’t know that about me. I hide it and I’m comfortable hiding it because then it means I don’t have to talk about it. Anxiety is such raw subject and it shouldn’t be played off lightly. It’s real. It sucks. It’s exhausting.

This week, my anxiety has been the most prominent it has been in a while. It’s like knowing your worst enemy is coming into town and trying to avoid them at all costs but every corner you turn, they’re there. I can honestly say stepping back and actually taking a break, no posting anywhere has really helped me. I sometimes forget that I’m the one that’s in control of myself, if that makes sense. I forget that I have the authority to say, “Laura, step back breath and just rest” and I’ve just taken time to myself this week.  Please remember to take care of yourself before anyone else.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for. – 1 Peter 5:7
Know that there is always someone out there that cares for you and you mean so much to this world.


HOUSE OF SUNNY top (more sizes here)| DO + BE skirt | CHANEL heels (vintage) | QUAY sunglasses |ASOS hoops | CASIO watch | vintage bag

Laura Loves: V. 2

Today I’m coming at you with all of my current must-have favorites, from and electric toothbrush and spray on deodorant to sparkling water. Let me know of any of your current favorites products in the comments!

♥ Laura



Since I picked up both these accessories I’ve been wearing them almost everyday and quite often together. The necklace is dainty and cute and the sunglasses add a chic vintage touch to any look. This style is currently out of stock but I’ve just been loving cat-eye sunglasses in general.

Urban Outfitters Vintage Locket ($18)
Nordstrom BP Sunglasses- sold out 😦


Coconuts by Matisse ‘Cabana’ Slides ($30)

I’ve been sporting these sandals almost everyday! They’re super comfy and soft, not stiff like most sandals, and I love the silver leather. It makes more of a statement!



Jason Dry Spray Deodorant ($6-$7)

I go back and forth between wanting to go natural with my deodorant or just sticking with the generic. I don’t really sweat under my arms but I like having the protection and helping with odor. We all have heard about how bad regular deodorant is for us, but sometimes convenience, price, and how the product actually works will draw me to regular deodorant. Honestly, regular deodorant does work with odor and sweat but for me, they irritate my under arms and I get clogged pores from them. But, with natural deodorants to keep it short is….they’re overpriced or don’t work which sucks.

I’ve tried a few natural deodorants that were affordable but was disappointed. I decided to give this one a try and I’m really enjoying it! It’s in a spray can which means I can put it on super fast if I’m running out the door, and it goes on clear and also the price is good and I feel like it actually works. Now, the smell isn’t the best, but it’s definitely something I’m able to over look. People take their deodorants seriously and not every deodorant works for everyone, this one has just been working great for me!

BeLive Probiotic Gummies ($15.50): I’m no health guru but when I see results and my body is feeling well, why not share it! I’ve had tummy issues for so long and I deal a lot with bloating, stomach aches and all the other stuff that comes along with that, I won’t go into details. I eat gluten free which helps with a lot of my issues, but I felt like my tummy would still have it’s bad days. Since I’ve started taking these probiotic gummies, I’ve noticed a huge difference. I feel like they help a lot with making digestion easier and just make me feel better. They’re really a good thing to take and even though they’re a gummy they don’t have crazy ingredients, which I like!

Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamin ($10): These vitamins are nothing new and you’ve probably seen them before. I’ve taken these vitamins before but I wasn’t consistent with taking them every day. This time around I’ve been taking them every day along with my probiotic gummies (which help with the absorption of vitamins), and there’s been a huge difference in my skin (texture and not breaking out as much) and my hair has gotten super long and strong. I don’t have any split ends and my hair is noticeably growing longer each day.

Essence ‘Make Me Brow’ Eyebrow Gel in shade 03 ($3)

This brow gel is a super recent fave but it’s definitely going to be re-purchase! I have really thin and kind of sparse brows so I definitely like to plump them up. I use this gel over top of my Milani Brow Pomade to set everything in place and give more volume. I also love wearing it buy itself when I’m doing little to no makeup, and it’s only $3!

C.Y.O Metallic Eyeshadow in ‘Cooeey’ ($4.50)

Recently, I’ve been super lazy with makeup and doing the bare minimum. Some days I skip eye shadow and just do mascara or I’ll do a one shadow kind of look. I love this bronze shade for an all over the lid look. It adds a nice smokey look but isn’t too intense. I love how at the end of the day this color kind of fades and gives me a soft smokey look. It’s the perfect bronzy shade for summer and again, under $5!


Fairywill Electric Toothbrush ($25.99)

I feel like you don’t see many favorites that include a toothbrush…I guess this is the grandma in me coming out. What can I say, this toothbrush makes me excited to brush my teeth. It’s okay, you can judge me.

No, but really I love this toothbrush so much. I always thought electric toothbrushes were a gimmick and overpriced. I stumbled upon this one on Amazon and decided to give it a try, the price was good and it had great reviews. I’ve had it for a about 3 months now and I still love it! I get so excited because my teeth actually feel clean. I don’t need to go into specifics about this toothbrush, but I just wanted to share it with you guys if you were in the market for a new toothbrush or curious about this one!


92ea0b8d-69ab-4597-ac23-76c602d531660e762f71-91ad-4050-a2a5-12b4eb3e2fb6Ozarka Sparkling Water

Sparkling water; either you love it or hate it. Mason absolutely hates sparkling water, but I love it. A lot of people are obsessed with La Croix, but I personally am not a huge fan of it (yes, not all sparkling water is created equally). I’ve been really trying to stay away from diet soda, so I wanted something to help cut the craving for a soda. I picked up some of this sparkling water and it’s been my newest obsession! I haven’t tried all of the flavors but I have tried the Raspberry Lemonade along with the Lemon Lime and I loved both flavors! I’ve been adding fresh lemon and lime to the water to amp up the flavor more, and lemon is also good for digestion.

99c7abf9-accf-48b1-8373-3acbacd22f81Skinny Sticks
My name is Laura and I’m a snacker. I love snacking and actually look forward to the times of the day I’m able to snack, but snacks can get unhealthy really quick. Obviously the healthiest snacks to reach for are fresh fruits and veggies, but sometimes that doesn’t cut it. I need something salty and chip-y. I came across these Skinny Sticks and I have to have a bag stocked at all times! My favorite is the Jalapeño Lime flavor but the Sweet Onion is good as well. Not only are they gluten free but they are vegan as well which makes them healthier and they actually have pretty good ingredients for being a snack.


My Tattoos + Their Stories

I can’t believe I haven’t done this post before! I got my first tattoo about 3 1/2 years ago. It really does become addicting, but not in a bad way. The feeling of getting a tattoo feels like an extension of myself. Whenever I see the next tattoo I want, I know it belongs on my body. I recently just added my fourth tattoo 2 weeks ago. I don’t plan on getting anymore for a little while, so I though I’d share with you what I have.

1. Baby’s Breath

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

This little beauty is my newest addition. It was kind of a last minute idea, but I absolutely love it! Mason and I both got this tattoo in the same spot when we visited Destin, FL two weeks ago. We had been wanting to get matching tattoos since the wedding, but couldn’t agree on the same thing. Until the morning we decided to go get our tattoos, we were thinking of getting something with baby’s breath. We loved the idea because it was our wedding flowers (p.s. our wedding pictures and video will be coming to the blog soon!) and then I did research on the actual meaning of the delicate flower.

Here’s a few of the meanings the flower holds:
1. Everlasting and undying love; whether it’s a spouse, family, or platonic.

This spoke to me obviously because I just got married but because I also gained a new love for Mason’s side of the family, and I’ve been focusing more on love in general. Always think in love.

2.  Pureness and freedom from outside corruption and also a tie into the Christian Faith.

This to me means like to live in the world but not of it. To me, it’s a reminder to not fall into things that consumes people. Being a “blogger” especially in fashion, I feel like it can be hard not to get caught up in things. Not saying social media or fashion is a bad things, but I stay focused on not letting it consume me and not getting caught up in material things. It’s also a reminder to stay true to my faith and not engage in things that don’t help me grow in my faith.

3.. Self discipline and focusing on love.

I have recently been reading the daily “guide” called Only Love Today. It’s really just a great reminder every day to slow down, breath, and lean on love instead of negativity and hate. It’s hard sometimes to do that, but that’s where self discipline is needed in my daily walk.

All of that ties into where I’m at in my life right now, and a great reminder through out my life to love more.

2. Be Still.

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Another daily reminder for me to be able to stop and look at and re-evaluate. This tattoo’s based off of the verse “Be still, and know that I am God”- Psalm 46:10. This was my 3rd tattoo and during this season of my life last year, when I got this tattoo, it was really all about humbling myself and really letting go of things I couldn’t control and to trust God. Even the littlest trials are a “strength training” exercise and is needed for growth.

3. &

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The ampersand is definitely a trendy tattoo that I’ve seen on a lot of people. But, I love the meaning behind it. If you want an in-depth version of the meaning, check this article out here. But to sum it up, it’s about personal growth, staying hopeful, and staying true to yourself.

4. Love

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

My very first tattoo. It’s hard to say which tattoo is my favorite, but this is the “coolest” one to me. If you know me in my personal life you’ll know my favorite band is The 1975. Well, this is the lead singers writing that he wrote in a notebook I had the band sign when I did a meet and greet. Now, before you say it’s pathetic, I don’t have the tattoo because it’s his handwriting, but because of everything 2014 held for me. So many things happened that year that helped me learn who I was and really love myself. I graduated high school in 2014 and in my senior year, I felt like I really stopped caring what everyone thought, and really found out who I was. I also announced I had my blog (about a year after I had actually started posting), and really let my blog go and be very vulnerable and expose to people what I was passionate about. I met Mason in 2014…he’s my husband now, need I say more? And lastly, I just had fun. I was a kid still and just wanted to embrace it. My friends and I went on a road trip and went to 3 Texas shows for The 1975 and that’s when we got to meet them. When we got home from those 3 days, my friend Sarah and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to New Orleans, to maybe just maybe run into them again. Well, long story short, we did. I’ll spare myself the awkward photos and stories, but it was fun and I’ll always hold 2014 close to me.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Tattoos aren’t for everyone and people have some many different opinions on them. I use these pieces of art as reminders and memories that I’ll always be able to hold onto. I don’t regret any of them and love all of the stories that come along with each piece ♥

A Work in Progress

Here I am again with another personal post about blogging. If I’m honest, I go through waves of feeling on top of the world, then when there’s times I feel no one cares.

Sometimes I hate to even say I’m a fashion blogger. I don’t have thousands on thousands of followers, although I am thankful for the followers I do have. But sometimes I feel like I’m just pretending, and by that I mean it sometimes feels like I think I’m a lot cooler than I am and that what I do doesn’t get taken seriously.

The reality is, I am stressed out and frustrated. It has been 3 years of blogging, and don’t get me wrong, I’m so incredibly grateful for the things I’ve been able to do in those years. But, I’m in a major rut. When I first started blogging I would’ve thought I’d be so much further than I am now. The frustrating part is the amount of time and money I put into blogging and I kind of seem to be stuck in the same place. I started blogging for fun and it truly is a hobby and a passion of mine but I’ll be honest that it sucks sometimes and maybe I’m a little jealous of other bloggers. We all get jealous, but it becomes toxic when we let it eat at us and start comparing, which I have done. I stop and think that there’s tons of people that have been in my position and they never gave up and look where they are now! But the journey is the hardest part, and I’ve kind of had to step back and instead of getting jealous get motivated and confident. Even if I have to fake it until I make it.

The hard thing is that nobody really sees the behind the scenes and how much work goes into one post and how disappointing it is when it doesn’t get “that many likes” or any recognition by the brand you tagged. “Am I doing something wrong?” or “Am I not cool enough or are the pictures not good enough to repost?” are things that often go through my head when I have these disappointing feelings.

I feel like it’s hard to say that I’m a fashion blogger when I don’t live the fashion blogger life. I wake up at 6:30 am every weekday and go to my office job until 5 pm, work on blog posts after I get off, Mason and I shoot on Saturdays and then church all day on Sundays. This is my day-to-day life. I don’t really show a whole lot of it, because quite frankly I think it’s boring. I love taking pictures and uploading them on Instagram because for a moment I feel like I’m cool and interesting. Then there comes the disappointment when it doesn’t get as many likes as I would hope. It sounds so selfish and very “first world problems”ish, but that’s the truth and that’s what I beat myself up over daily. Now you probably all think I hate doing this all, which that is totally false. I love connecting with people and I love sharing my creativity and myself, like with this post, with you all.

Maybe It’s not “my time” yet to become a big fashion blogger or maybe this is all a learning lesson to not take things too seriously and just live the best life I can live. I’ll be turning 21 this Saturday, I’m getting married in less than a month, and I have an amazing support system and the love from God that is always there even when I feel like no one else is. I have a whole life a head of me.

I guess it’s just hard not knowing when things will happen and not really having a clear picture of what I’m supposed to be doing. All I can do is take each day as it is and continue what I’m doing with just a little more passion each day. I love watching my style grow and change and I’d love to be able to connect with you guys more! If you have a blog and want to follow each other on social media, link yours below.

“Don’t quit your day dream”- so easy to say but hard to do sometimes, but it’s all about the journey and I love sharing it with you.

Much love,
Laura ♥

Photo by Emily Fusilier Photography

New Year, New Me?

I know that this post is a little late, but I wasn’t initially going to make a New Years post. But I wanted to talk about resolutions…

Obviously when one year ends and another one starts, everyone starts their resolutions. Everyone at works starts bringing salads for lunch, the gyms become insanely full, and everyone is so positive and motivated. None of those are bad things, I love seeing people be motivated to do things, but I think where resolutions aren’t a good thing is everyone’s obsession with the need to “change”.

I don’t feel a need to change. Instead, I’d rather improve. I feel people are reluctant to start New Year’s resolutions or stick with them because they have to “change” so much. But, what if we just improved and didn’t change anything about ourselves. Like adding new skills or new experiences you may have never thought to push yourself to do. Now, some people change by dropping a bad habit or getting serious about their health, but that’s still should just be considered renewing yourself.

Making improvements doesn’t always only have to affect just you either. I’m looking to do things this year that not only better me but affect people around me.

Here’s a few of the things I want to improve on this year:

1| Not worrying too much about the future.

Obviously there’s things you have to do to protect yourself in the future. Like saving money for your future, or making smarter decisions, but what I’m talking about is not letting things that haven’t even happened yet worry me or stress me out. What’s the point? I have no idea how the future will play out, or what might come along in my journey. So, I kind of just want to tell myself just live your life day-to-day as smart as I can but as stress-free as I can too.

2| Doing more for others.

I started out this year by meeting an amazing stranger. Something told me to help this woman that I had no ties with. I knew a little bit of her background, but not her whole story. I had the opportunity to help this woman and her family out by showing her random kindness. I didn’t help her to make myself feel good. I did it because this woman deserved someone to tell her that she was special and that everything was going to work out. Recently too, I’ve really taken on that I don’t know everyone’s story or what they’re going through and just to have compassion for people I don’t know. Whether it be a random person on the street, the barista at Starbucks, just anyone. I want to maybe be that person that maybe can make someone smile just once for that day.

3| Trust.

I don’t talk about my faith a whole lot on my blog, but I definitely want to more. My faith is what has gotten me through my whole life and to where I am today. But, trusting God can be one of the hardest things. I’m a planner, so having my future untold stresses me to the max. But lately, I’ve gone through a lot of struggles that I didn’t think had an end or that I could get out of. And out of no where everything turned around, and I just had to sit there in awe of how God can do things. I would sit and cry everyday for weeks stressing over things, and God was at work the whole time. I feel shameful that I didn’t think God could pull me out of the things that I was going through. But going through all of these things is where my faith and thankfulness really grew and my spirit was able to mature.


My BIGGEST struggle. I have to deal with this on a daily basis. Whether it be waiting on someone to meet me somewhere and they’re 5 minutes late or waiting for my food to be done in the microwave. I’ve really been working on my patience. It is work because I’ve been impatient since the day I was born. But each day as I get older (and I hope a little wiser), I have to not only think of myself in situations and learn that I don’t have control over every thing in my life, and that’s okay!

5| Being Content

My second struggle I deal with is being content. This has a lot to do with my blog right now. I love my blog and being able to do what I do with it. But there’s moments I have where I don’t understand why I’m not at a certain point where I think I should be. Obviously to grow and get farther you have to be willing to push yourself and pursue after goals. But there’s also a point where I have to be content and grateful that I’ve been able to come as far as I have been.

Being content is also about things. Things can consume your life if you let it.

I hope you enjoyed this post and were able to maybe gain something from it. Obviously we all deal with different things, but hopefully some of you can relate and maybe make some of the same improvements I’m going to try to pursue this year. Fingers crossed 2017 is a great year!

-Laura ♥

How I Stay Inspired + Motivated to Blog

The longer I blog, the more I want to be closer to my readers and become more transparent.

This month marks 2 years of blogging. Which is crazy, because it feels like yesterday I started this site. I’ve taken my blog seriously from the start, and I want nothing but the best to come from it. Whether it inspires others, or just helps me grow as an individual.

The hard reality that I have to face daily is that blogging is not easy. But that doesn’t mean to give up. I’m extremely lucky and grateful for every opportunity, but sometimes stress and pressure can tag along.

I’ll admit, I get discouraged sometimes. I feel I have a load on my shoulders. It’s not pressure from anyone but myself. I’m my own worst critic and definitely push myself very hard. But by pushing myself to strive, I’m making myself stronger.

I go through the constant cycle of questions of “What am I doing with this whole blogging thing?” or “Am I wasting my time?”. But there’s something in me that believes so much in this blog. I know this because even when I’ve had a rough day, all I want to do is write a post or write down a list of blog post ideas that I have constantly going through my head.

I might not be exactly where I want to be in my “career”, but I’m learning patience, which is a lot for me.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


I stay inspired by bloggers I follow. They inspire me because I started realizing they didn’t get success over night. They’ve been blogging for years, and they stuck with it, and look where they are now. It takes time, money, and a whole lot of self discipline.

It might help that I just love to talk about clothes and fashion and could spend hours on Instagram and Pinterest getting outfit inspo. But that’s what inspiration is all about.

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My Tips

  1. Your passion– find something you could talk about for hours and stick with that. People will know when you’re genuinely passionate behind a post, and if it’s authentic. Don’t write about the latest, most popular thing, if it doesn’t interest you.
  2.  Appreciate the little things– you took a step and started a blog, that’s huge and takes courage. My biggest appreciation moment is when locals from my town introduce themselves and say how much they like my blog. It means to me, I’m reaching people and affecting them in a positive way, with my words and creativity. It gives motivation to them to step out and do something different from the norm.
  3. Embrace the waiting– This might be the hardest thing for me. I’ve very persistent and when I want something, I want it that second. Blogging has been a huge personal growth for me to just embrace the now and the opportunities that come with each day, and not to look too much into the future.
  4. Relax, don’t give up– There’s been so many days that I say I don’t want to do this anymore. But then I think, “what if my next huge opportunity is right around the corner? And if I give up today, I’ll be cutting myself short of something beyond my dreams”. Thinking like that gets me to the point to where I become emotionally invested and I can’t get myself to stop. I’ll never stop striving.
  5. Connecting– Building others up and making connections is a very important thing too. I’ve connected with other bloggers via Instagram, and we usually comment back and fourth on each others pictures. Just getting a nice, genuine comment can sometimes change my whole day. And I like connecting with people that have different styles, because it shows others peoples creativity and you gather inspiration from different views.

Staying motivated to keep blogging isn’t always easy. You’re coming to blank page hoping someone will like what you’re producing. But at the end of the day, it truly matters if you enjoy what you’re putting out. Keep your chin up.

Create to Inspire.
♥ Laura