Laura Loves: Volume 1

Welcome to a new series I’m starting! This is going to be sort of a monthly favorites that I’m going to attempt to do each month (we’ll see). These are the things I’m loving that you’ll see on my Instagram and some not on my Instagram.


YSL Lipstick in ‘Beige Tribute’– such a beautiful nude everyday color and I love the personal touch of the engraving. I asked for this from my husband for Christmas and I’m so in love just looking at the tube. My idea is that I’ll have this engraved cap for ever and one day give it to my granddaughter as a keepsake. I like to think of things way into the future, call me crazy!

Frasier Sterling Custom Name Necklace- I swear I’m not obsessed with myself, I’ve just been loving personalized pieces. This necklace is such good quality and the perfect layering piece, and name necklaces give that throwback-to-the90s feel to a look, especially when it’s a choker.

Quay ‘Rumors’ Sunglasses– you can never go wrong with a classic pair of sunnies! They add such a sassy and sleek look to any outfit.

Disco Kitten Diamond Peel Mask– let me tell you, this mask does it all. Not only is this mask super shiny and metallic but because it’s a peel off mask, it pulls out all the gunk and leaves you with bright and refreshed skin.


Urban Outfitters Slippers– so cozy and chic and make being at home just a little more relaxing! May even try to wear them with a look….if I’m brave enough.


AllSaints Ray Small Bucket Bag: my newest addition to my collection. This bag is the perfect size and nude color that will go with anything no matter what season.



Diffuser + Essential Oils– I’m kind of late to the game but I’m officially a diffuser and essential oils convert. Mason and I love to wind down at night using our diffuser. It’s so relaxing and makes our home smell so good. Also, I might be a little crazy but, we have a 7 month old dog who is very hyper and once we start diffusing lemongrass, she instantly calms down. I’ve also been having some stomach issues lately and just by rubbing a tiny bit of peppermint on my tummy in a matter of seconds by stomach feels better. Also, I love this little diffuser because it’s a super simple design and blends in very well.

Threshold Gold Silverware– Target can do no wrong. I picked up 2 sets of these gold silverware pieces because they look so expensive and make dinner time feel a little more special. Plus, they’re only $2 a piece!

Skincare Routine

Revealing the naked truth about my skincare routine today!


My Skin Story

First off, let me tell you a little about my skin & its journey.
I have oily skin. Not combo, or sometimes oily/normal, no. Just oily. Even though I would say my skin is pretty “good”, I still struggle with controlling the oils, trying to decrease my obnoxiously large pores, and keeping the hormonal breakouts minimal.

I had gone through struggles on and off throughout high school, and I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere with my skin routine and really learning what works for me.

When I was younger salicylic acid was the only thing that did anything good for my skin. Then about senior year of high school, my skin freaked out and I was having an issue with bacterial acne on my cheek. I took some antibiotics, and that cleared it up for the most part. But I would notice that that area would flare up every now & then, and this area left me with some pretty bad scarring. I noticed a huge difference in that problem area once I went gluten free that year, and I haven’t had that kind of issue since.

Let me tell you though, I’ve been through some skincare products throughout my skin journey. As of recently, I noticed I was breaking out a lot more than the occasional spots. And no salicyclic product I was using was helping, just making any spot super painful and red and they would stay way longer than any normal spot should.

I started examining my skincare routine, and it was just a bunch of harsh chemicals. Once I realized that salicylic acid might be doing more harm than good, I made an unusual switch. I had some leftover baby wash from my nephew, and thought if it was gentle enough to use on babies, it should be okay for my skin. It almost immediately cleared up the surface of my acne. I had been using baby wash for about 5 months, and even though it kept my acne at bay, I wasn’t getting a deep clean I wanted, and it wasn’t helping the oil problem.

Below are the products I’m currently using, and what have been skin savers lately._DSC0889


Garnier Micellar Water: This stuff really works wonders for removing my stubborn makeup and really gets the makeup out of my pores. I’ve tried other micellar waters in the past, and they’ve all broken me out. This is the only one I haven’t noticed any problems with! And it gets everything off, trust me. I use this mainly at night, but also as a quick refresher after a workout, or throughout the day if I’m not wearing any makeup.

Cetaphil Cleanser: I’ve always heard of everyone and their mother using Cetaphil cleansers, but never thought it was for me. But since I was in the market for a gentle cleanser, that deep cleaned, this one really caught my eye because it’s targeted for the oily folks. I have noticed a huge decrease in my oiliness since I started using this, and it gets my skin cleaner better than anything I’ve used in the past. I wash my face morning & night with this & I use this little sponge here with it for a deep clean.


Ole Henriksen ‘Enlighten Me’ corrector (no longer available)

This stuff is a miracle worker for diminishing my leftover acne scars. Unfortunately, they don’t make it anymore, so I’m going to start a hunt for a product to replace this one. If you guys have any suggestions for serums that help with scarring PLEASE let me know!


Sephora Eye Cream- updated product here

This is one of the products that I notice a difference when I’m not using it. Sometimes I’ll forget to use it, if I’m just ready for bed and only worried about getting my makeup off. I’ll notice my under-eyes will just not look quite as bright, and the little fine lines are just a little bit more noticeable. It’s super light in texture, but very moisturizing at the same time.


Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation

I feel like this product gets talked about a lot, and for good reason. It, like the eye cream, is very light weight, but super hydrating, and not greasy like most moisturizers are. I’ve noticed since I’ve been using it religiously the past couple of months, the overall tone and texture of my skin is more even and smooth.


My other beauty secrets


Clay Mask

The perfect mask for when my pores need a good, deep refresher.


Spot Treatment

My favorite spot treatment that gets to the point and gets rid of the spot almost completely overnight.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your favorite skincare products in the comments!

Have a great day!