Green Dream

I’m currently loving exploring some different colors and brands, like this new Sister Jane jade green top. Green isn’t normally a color I’m drawn to, but I couldn’t resist this soft green top with the puffy sleeve and exaggerated pilgrim-style collar. What can I say, I’ve got a thing for cool sleeves and subtle statement touches (if that makes sense).


I’ve been searching for different brands to start incorporating into my closet. I love trying new brands and brands that aren’t necessarily as accessible. Of course I love the go-to’s like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, H&M, etc…but as of late I’ve been enjoying finding brands that aren’t super mainstream. Sister Jane has been on my radar for a few months now and I know it’s a pretty popular UK brand but I don’t see a lot of bloggers posting a whole lot about the brand, which is kind of refreshing. It’s like I found my own little secret shop. I honestly love all of their designs and I want to wear everything. I’m a pretty frugal shopper so I really think about what pieces I’m going to put into my closet. I’ve been going back and forth on whether I wanted to spend some $$ on one of their pieces, I just couldn’t resist this beauty and had to have it. Plus, Sister Jane is constantly launching new collections so nothing gets stale and there’s always new pieces I’m wanting to grab. The quality and uniqueness makes me a fan of the brand.


SISTER JANE top | ZARA shorts | TOPSHOP bag |URBAN OUTFITTERS necklace | FOREVER 21 shoes


Yellow is obviously one of the “it” colors of the season and for good reason.


Yellow is such a cheery color while still being light and not too in your face. I love this pop of yellow paired with white for a fresh feel.


You might be thinking, ‘Laura, it’s almost 100 degrees outside and you’re wearing a sweater??’. Well…yes. I scooped this vintage Ralph Lauren top up and it’s surprisingly light for a knit and I just couldn’t resist this top with all the cool zipper and button detailing.


Vintage Ralph Lauren top via ShopGirl-LA | ZARA pants | PUBLIC DESIRE heels (old) | FOREVER 21 sunglasses | LIONEL HANDBAGS bag


I do about 95% of my clothes shopping online. I get super stressed and overwhelmed trying to shop in an actual store. And I also like the convenience of laying in my bed while shopping. A lot of people ask me how I shop online and my clothes always fit me, while most of the time they do, sometimes they don’t. Like in today’s outfit…


I’ve been searching since last year for a great cropped white jean that wasn’t super expensive. Well, I ordered this pair off of Zara and on the model they were the perfect cropped pant. The model was 5’10 and being 5’7 I thought the length wouldn’t be too much different. I was a little off.

Some of you might think this was a fail and I should return them, but I actually like the fit of them a lot. Even though the pants weren’t cropped like originally anticipated, I think they’re cool and are a look in and of themselves. I’m going to keep them and style them some different ways, they ended up being the perfect modern mom jean, which is super on trend!


I’m loving the subtle extra-ness of this look. The oversized buttons with the exaggerated pants is unexpected but still simple.

a9eedf04-1ea1-4706-81e2-790f75c16cb5e91affec-0d0c-4b21-940d-1b6ffcfe406057cef785-0bcd-43d8-8008-0a1269cfd539deea1110-da20-4d73-8d9c-9136c70a6c47I love this photo because my purse has a little smiley face on it 🙂


URBAN OUTFITTERS top | ZARA jeans | TOPSHOP bag | BP sunglasses | JIMMY CHOO heels (via The Real Real) | vintage locket (via Urban Outfitters)

Stripe Paradise


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ZARA DRESS // HINGE HAT // ASOS FLATS (similar)(similar)

Either you look at this outfit as a fun, easy, beachy summer look or that I look like a carnival barker (had to look up what they were called). But you know, that guy that wears the red striped blazer and boater hat at carnivals. And trust me, that wasn’t what I was going for. But, I love how fun and whimsical, and also kind of vintage the look is-which is the style I’ve been going for lately.



Full sleeves and palm trees…I’m all about that.

You can’t say this top doesn’t make you happy when you look at it! I love a good statement sleeve top and a frayed pair of denim to match. I gave the look a McDonald’s twist by adding the red heel. Kidding, but not kidding.

I added the my favorite white floral spring bag to the mix, to break up the colors and add some freshness.


photos by mason ware


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