21 things I learned being 21

When I was younger I never understood why my parents always thought time was flying by, because as a kid it seemed like waiting for my next birthday or Christmas took forever. Now I’m sitting here and I just turned 22 yesterday and I’ll be married a year in a few short weeks. Excuse me but, didn’t I just turn 21 like last week?! 22 is still young but sometimes I feel like I’m supposed to have everything figured out, but it’s okay not to. I have an amazing husband and family and can’t wait for what this year brings. Here’s 21 things I learned/realized being 21:

1. Appreciate the little things- even if just sitting down in the morning with coffee and being thankful for being woken up.

2. Appreciate my parents more. I saw a quote and it said: “after you turn 18, your parents don’t have to do anything for you. Anything your parents do for you after you turn 18 is out of pure love”. And the older I get the more I have the realization to listen to my parents, because they’ve been where I’ve been and they really do know what’s best for me.

3. It’s okay to not always be “on”. Sometimes I just need a day where I don’t put makeup on, sit in my pjs, and just let my skin breath instead of trying to cover it up. Learning to be happy in my skin is a struggle I deal with everyday.

4. “Adulting” isn’t hard but not exactly easy, I’m still figuring all this out.

5. Taking care of my mental health is more important than anything. I’m overcoming things I didn’t think I could, and I’m proud of myself for taking the necessary steps to better myself.

6. I should sleep more.

7. It’s okay to take a break. Whether it be from social media, or if it’s just simply saying “no” to something.

8. Numbers & likes don’t matter on social media.

9. Letting God lead and being open to doing things that make me uncomfortable.

10. Learning to be content.

11. It’s okay to not to obsess over eating right all of the time, fries and ice cream never hurt anybody.

12. I don’t need to have the most. It’s been refreshing getting rid of stuff and not having an over amount of things just because. Yes, I have a lot of clothes, but I’ve come to realize I don’t need things/items to make me happy.

13. It’s okay to not have my life figured out yet. Mason and I don’t own a home yet, that’s okay. We don’t know where we’ll be in a year, and that’s okay. We’re learning as we go.

14. It really is possible to love my husband more everyday, even when he gets on my nerves.

15. I still need to work on my patience.

16. Pray about everything. If it worries me or bothers me, give it to God.

17. Thank God for everything, even the most tiniest things.

18. Treating my skin well and taking time to moisturize. I do need to get better about wearing sunscreen though…

19. Taking pride in my work isn’t a bad thing, it’s what motivates me. I do need to work on not beating myself up over little mess ups.

20. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes. I can’t always fix everything and sometimes I can’t fake a smile. when I get overwhelmed it’s okay to think about myself and just chill out with a face mask or just laying in bed by myself.

21. Lastly, even though I’m not super comfortable in my skin, I shouldn’t be so hard on my body/image. Sure, I have acne, cellulite and sometimes I forget to shave my legs. But I’m healthy, and my body gets me through life and I’m thankful for that.